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Penka® products are mainly made with PolyAgave®, which is a line of bioplastic materials made from vegetable fibers, subproducts of agroindustrial processes.

Our goal is to make sustainable products from bioplastics that do NOT come from food sources.

Benefits for you, your clients and the world

When using bioplastics, you encourage:

Innovation and product differentiation
Eco-Friendly product consumption (Growing market)
Trust and Recognition: apply to prizes and environmental certifications such as ESR®
Carbon footprint and CO2 emission reductions in your company
Resource optimization: by re-using agave biomasse and agro-industrial subproducts.
Reduction on petroleum-based polymer consumption.
The use of 100% recyclable and reusable materials.
Improved health and wellbeing, with BPA-free products and packaging, with excellent mechanical properties and weight reduction per piece.

Moreover, for every ton manufactured with Penka Bioplastics, we help:

Reuse 3,000 kg of agave subproducts
Reduce the consumption of almost 150 liters of petroleum.
Avoid 450 kg of CO2 emissions to the environment
Generate a 100% recyclable material.
The biobased material of our products is FDA approved, which certifies the
contact with food, heavy metal free and BPA free. In addition, it has the PNK
label of Certified Biobased Product.

Our Certificates

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