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14 October, 2020
The PNK® badge, synonym of originality.

Today, human beings have become more conscious and appreciate products and companies that are socially responsible. According to Nielsen, “46% of those surveyed in the world say they are willing to sacrifice the brand by buying environmentally friendly products, and the vast majority (73%) mention that they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits […]

31 July, 2020
Penka: Where Innovation and Technology Meet

Penka®, founded by Mexican innovators, is the company that created and developed the first-ever biodegradable straw made of agave fibers. Penka distributes their products to several countries in four continents. Its technology has a patent granted for the biomaterial and another one for the product, giving their customers certainty of originality and functionality. Penka® products […]

24 July, 2020
What is Agave?

At Penka, we feel proud to work with agave. It is necessary to clarify that when we say "Agave" we refer to a genus of plants native to the American continent, generally succulents, that today are distributed all around the world. There are approximately 220 species in this genus, and Mexico is the center of […]

19 December, 2019
Penka® and Cuervo® work in collaboration for the manufacturing and distribution of agave-based biodegradable straws

As the Father of Tequila, Jose Cuervo’s past, present, and future is tied directly to the agave plant; without it, we would not exist. As such, we are on an ongoing quest to partner our agave experts with innovative makers to create agave-based innovations beyond tequila, from the juice to the fibers.  The Agave Project […]

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