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Penka® and Cuervo® work in collaboration for the manufacturing and distribution of agave-based biodegradable straws

19 December, 2019

As the Father of Tequila, Jose Cuervo’s past, present, and future is tied directly to the agave plant; without it, we would not exist. As such, we are on an ongoing quest to partner our agave experts with innovative makers to create agave-based innovations beyond tequila, from the juice to the fibers. 

The Agave Project is an initiative spearheading the company’s long-term commitment to agave and the people and the land of Tequila, Mexico. This year, the brand builds on its 21 years of philanthropic work through the Beckmann Foundation,  supplying agave fibers for research into the creation of sustainable, agave-based car parts with the Ford Motor Company, and working with big wave rider Gary Linden to create the first 100% agave surfboard.

As the first venture within The Agave Project, Jose Cuervo is the driving force behind the large scale production of a biodegradable, agave-based drinking straw, made from upcycled agave, working with the scientists at BioSolutions Mexico, makers of natural fiber bio-based composites, and the production team at Mexico-based PENKA.

This project allows us to create a circular economy within the tequila industry. By incorporating agave fibers, which is a byproduct of the tequila industry, into an every day product for consuming tequila and other beverages, Jose Cuervo is re-purposing waste and replacing up to 30% of regular plastics in its composition.

Source: Cuervo: The Agave Project

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