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31 July, 2020

Penka®, founded by Mexican innovators, is the company that created and developed the first-ever biodegradable straw made of agave fibers. Penka distributes their products to several countries in four continents. Its technology has a patent granted for the biomaterial and another one for the product, giving their customers certainty of originality and functionality.

Penka® products are manufactured with PolyAgave®, a line of cellulose-based bioplastic composites made of vegetable fibers, by-products of the tequila agro-industrial processes.

Penka® straws and cutlery are biobased and biodegradable, that is, they are made partially with plants and when thrown into landfills they degrade being in contact with bacteria and microorganisms. The biodegradation process lasts from one to five years depending on the landfill conditions, therefore reducing their carbon footprint on the planet, and the space they occupy within the landfill.

The biobased certificate complies with ASTM D6866 and the biodegradability certificate with ASTM 6954/20.

Penka® also features biobased reusable products. They are made with natural fibers but are designed to be used many times, thus promoting reusing practices and generating less waste, in accordance with the "Zero Waste" philosophy.

It is important that consumers learn how to properly dispose of biodegradable products. Biodegradability is not a permission to litter in the streets or gardens, it is rather a commitment to dispose of in a responsible way. By using Penka® products, you can enjoy food and drinks without impacting the environment.

By: Penka Team

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