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The PNK® badge, synonym of originality.

14 October, 2020

Today, human beings have become more conscious and appreciate products and companies that are socially responsible.

According to Nielsen, “46% of those surveyed in the world say they are willing to sacrifice the brand by buying environmentally friendly products, and the vast majority (73%) mention that they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce the impact on the environment ”1.

As a result, every day there are more companies that decide to invest on these products and that seek to inform their consumers about it.

There are several highly appreciated distinctions used to differentiate companies from the others. An example of them in Mexico is the ESR® Award (Socially Responsible Company) which accredits companies before their stakeholders. In this manner, awarded companies publicly assume the commitment to implement and continually improve socially responsible management, as part of their business culture and strategies.

 Companies that earn this badge provide confidence and prove their commitment to their customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

At Penka® we’ve made the decision to differentiate our products from possible piracy or bad practices by including the PNK® Distinctive, which endorses all our certifications. It also guarantees that our products are patented, original, biobased, biodegradable, and partially manufactured with agave fiber.

How can you identify the PNK® Badge?

The PNK® Distinctive is a diamond-shape logo, with the image of an agave in the center and the letters PNK. We have created this badge so that customers feel reassured that Penka® supports the quality of our products, and this way our customers also become part of #ClubPenka.

When an innovative and differentiated product is created, companies often emerge that want to imitate it through pirated or poor-quality copies, which in many cases do not even contain agave fiber.

For Penka®, it is very important to protect our customers with original, patented and high-quality agave products.

Every day more companies join our Penka® community by purchasing patented products, that proudly bear the PNK® Badge.

By: Ernesto J. Amescua


1. Nielsen, “Sustainable Buyers Buy the Change They Want to See in the World”, FMCG & RETAIL 01-30-2019

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